Hi. I’m Jason Smith, how can I help you?

There’s no place else on earth quite like, Saskatchewan Province of Canada. Saskatchewan bills itself as the “Land of Living Skies” and it does have magnificent sunsets, blue skies with puffy white clouds, northern lights, awesome storm skies, etc. Owning property here is one of the great privileges of life. I love this area and once I show you around, I’m convinced you will love it too and want to plant roots of your own in the mountains. When to buy/rent? Where to buy/rent? What areas should I avoid? How can I really make sure I’m getting a good deal? These are the questions I can help you answer. Leave me a Massage today at anytime & let’s get started! The Best Service, The Best Results. I love the real estate business and have been a full-time broker since 1995. I have the experience and local know-how to help you make the best possible decisions. I also have specialized training in real estate negotiation so having me on your side means you’re working with a real professional. I’d like to earn your business so call me today and I’ll work extra hard to make sure your real estate transaction is a complete success!